Tabletop Dolly Car - Phone FilmStudio
Tabletop Dolly Car - Phone FilmStudio
Tabletop Dolly Car - Phone FilmStudio
Tabletop Dolly Car - Phone FilmStudio

Tabletop Dolly Car

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The Tabletop Dolly, your go-to solution for capturing dynamic and smooth shots using your smartphone. Designed for versatility, this dolly car glides effortlessly on flat surfaces, offering you the creative freedom to film from various angles. The rotatable TPU wheels ensure a quiet and shockproof experience, while the precise scale on the disc guides your movement. The magic arm, equipped with dual 1/4-inch screws, allows you to mount accessories like LED lights or monitors. With easy-to-use locking control knobs, you can adjust the tension for optimal positioning. Elevate your smartphone videography to professional levels with this indispensable tool.

Technical Specifications

Feature Specification
Dolly Car Color Black
Dolly Car Material Aluminum Alloy+Silicone+ABS
Load Capacity 10kg
Dolly Car Size approx. 21013658mm
Magic Arm Material Aluminum Alloy+ABS
7" Arm Length approx. 185mm/7.28inch
11" Arm Length approx. 285mm/11.22inch

  1. Timelapse Photography: Use the Dolly Car to create mesmerizing timelapse sequences. Its smooth glide and adjustable magic arm make it ideal for capturing the passage of time in a visually stunning manner.

  2. Product Showcases: For those in e-commerce or content creation, the Dolly Car can be used to film 360-degree views of products. The rotatable wheels and adjustable arm allow for seamless transitions and angles, making your product the star of the show.

  3. Interviews and Podcasts: While traditionally used for videography, the Dolly Car can also enhance your interview or podcast setup. Use the magic arm to mount a smartphone and capture multiple angles, adding a dynamic visual element to your content.





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